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Quality Charter
Shergroup Outsource provides a range of outsourced services to clients across the world.

Our Quality Charter sets out how we go about delivering a wholehearted commitment to quality and what this means for everyone within our organisation.

To live up to our Quality Charter, we build its principles into the way we work from day to day.

Shergroup Outsource defines quality as 'providing a service that is professional, dependable and achieves service commitments - every time' and aims to meet or exceed a client's reasonable expectations.

This is how we aim to achieve it.


Shergroup Outsource make a promise to each client on conduct, procedures and service standards and subscribes to the ethos that the capability and performance of the people within its business are key to keeping that promise. Individuals within Shergroup Outsource carry out their duties in a professional manner and act with discretion at all times.


Shergroup Outsource is innovative and creative, delivering inspired solutions to our clients' problems. We have the ambition and confidence to do things in new ways.


Shergroup Outsource commits to a service level with its clients that offers consistent quality throughout its international, organisational network.


Shergroup Outsource is a reliable service providers which acts with integrity, building open, honest and realistic relationships with our clients. We undertake to be transparent and accountable.


Shergroup Outsource complies with its obligations and regulations through an international understanding of compliance. It adheres to the substance and spirit of respective international standards and guidelines.


Shergroup Outsource measures success against client expectations as well as having clear, simple and benchmarked measures of performance. We learn from experience and continuously improve through effective analysis and targeted improvement.

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